Just The Sacks Ma'am - Navy

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Basic 100% Preshrunk Cotton Mens' T-Shirt.

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You're a college man, so your papa'd probably like to see you land a job with an easy assignment. Well nothing's easy in this life son. I think maybe I can understand how you feel. You're told to block some kid--some freshman lineman who's not sure of his gap, doesn't know what's comin'.

Your friends are supposed to be pulling, showing up with all kinds of muscle. But then linebacker with a head of steam shows up in his path and the temperature drops 20 degrees. Suddenly you've got a safety coming down and a bolt of lightning hitting you from the side. The kid you thought you were blocking is slanting three gaps over. Your buddy with the ball doesn't even see what got him. He goes down, screaming. Your teammates look at you like you should have had known who to block.

Then there's the tape session after when they tell ya. All at once you've lost your job. You're a flop, a flat-foot, a bull, a dick john law. You're the fuzz, the heat, you're poison, you're bad news. They call you everything. But not a tackle. Maybe they're right.

Or maybe you were. Maybe you smoked the heat I was selling and slid down to the right man, gave your quarterbacking buddy enough time to find the guy I left for him. Maybe you even got a first down out of it. It doesn't matter, bub, because as long as I'm on this beat you're going to be in 3rd and long eventually, and then it won't matter what gap you're blocking because we'll be coming from all of them. I'm calling those plays, and I carry a badge.