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HTTV 2016 Football Preview Magazine

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MGoBlog's annual MEEEESHIGAN football preview magazine, this time with EXTREME OPTIMISM



THE TEAM THE TEAM THE TEAM: Meet the best tight end and cornerback in college football, and perhaps the greatest player in the country, as we preview of every position HE will play on Team 137, plus offensive line. Also recruits, and unit projections. By Brian Cook



We scout the poor sods scheduled to face Harbaugh's henchmen and Don Brown's dudes, featuring in-depth analysis, advanced statistical profiles, and meaningful facial expressions by Nefarious Eduardo and friends. By Ace Anbender and Ross Fulton



Bo Schembechler was once asked how much he weighed, and his answer was 205 pounds of Twisted Blue Steel. We interview another 249 pounds of it that plays tight end. Then we discuss the long-term outlook for this new era, and the eight hundred pound Meyer in the room.

By Adam Schnepp, John U. Bacon, and Michael Elkon



What did Harbaugh get when he raided Houston for a runabout, gunslinging transfer. Football Study Hall's Ian Boyd will explain what the next Aquinas one can do for you. Also, try and guess which position between "Sam", "Pup", "Dog", "Raptor", "Cheetah", "Bandit", "Jaguar", "Money", "Tractor" and "Butkus", we just made up, as we take a trip through Don Brown's playbook, and see why spread coaches hate his guts.

By Ian Boyd and Steve Sharik



This year in Michigan's rich history, McCartney's Monsters invented the dime defense and suffocated the first great passing spread. Learn just how close a cast of Texas oil cowboys came to slicking Bo out of Ann Arbor. Then the  friends and coaches of a mouthy quarterback will tell you about the time he guaranteed a victory over Ohio State. And Craig Ross takes us to '79—no, the OTHER '79—to make a case that Michigan (and Oberlin) played the very first game of football. Sorry Rutgers, but we call that soccer.

By John Kryk, Dr. Sap, Seth Fisher, Mel Newman, and Craig Ross.


Plus the annual Roundtable, and the annual snark. Also a cover and a table of contents and all that book-y stuff.


An independent production of MGoBlog. Edited by Brian Cook and Seth Fisher.

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