Dhani Jones - Navy

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Basic 100% Cotton Unisex Tee.

What do Winston Churchill, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Dhani Jones all have in common? If you said bone-crushing sacks from the linebacker position and the middle name "Makalani" then you would be wrong. That's just Dhani. They do, however, all like to rock a bow-tie.

Dhani has recently added a special edition Michigan bow-tie to support his alma mater and Mott Children's Hospital. The ties will be available online and proceeds will go to benefit Mott Children's Hospital.

Grab your Dhani shirt, a bowtie, and these sweet glasses and you'll be ready to HAIL with the best of them.

A portion of the proceeds of all Dhani shirts will benefit the Dhani Jones Fund at Mott Children's Hospital.

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